Following installation today, I think it went well as far as the things I was in control of. The footage all looked really good and complimented each other well as well as the space. I think that the changes to aspects of my installation, such as changing the height at which the perspex hangs, has complimented the large room and the installation’s components all work well together. However, the light pollution in the room that is somehow climbing over the blackout curtain rail at the top of the room diffusing the light of the installation significantly, making the room extremely light when it is meant to be as dark as possible, and actually interfering with the light of the installation so much so that the footage on that side of the room is dimmed and less visible. I wanted the installation to be pitch black except for the perspex panels and back wall, which is how I have had my installation since first term, and what makes it look exceptionally better. I’m actually very unhappy with the amount of light that is seeping into the room and it detracts from the installation significantly, however, it is out of my control as I am unable to remove this light coming into the room. I even asked Beth if I could cover that entire wall/window with black paper and she stated that it would not do much/ not be possible which is fine, I’m just not as happy as I would have been considering the room black. In future, I would ahead of time cover that entire window with a black piece of fabric to diffuse the light from getting in over the curtain rail and impacting my installation.


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