Friday 5pm Onwards

Preparations for Monday

We were in A27 for two hours today, attempting to organise the hanging of my perspex sheets on the lighting truss ahead of install on Monday. I had hoped to hang them today however that didn’t seem to be possible. I showed Beth my Haylard Hitch knot and she approved of it to hang my perspex which is a relief. She also showed me another snazzy knot that we are going to use to attach the fishing wire to the lighting truss itself. We tied 8 lots of 5.5m length fishing wire to the truss last night ready for Monday to go in and hopefully get it installed in a timely fashion. The light of the projection was catching really well on the perspex and I am so glad that the participants will mainly see the clear side of the plastic now instead of the foggy side that I dislike and appeared to be the centre of my installation last term. I’m just hoping that installing on Monday goes as well as it can really. Jen and Esther and Beth have all been a massive help and Esther is going to help me again on Monday so that’s a relief. Now I just need to make sure I have everything to take down to A27 on the day.


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