Immersive Sound

Developing sound:

Noise Reduction tutorial

Recording in the woods

Recording in Skyrim

Whilst editing and developing the Skyrim audio, I wanted it to be textured as it is representing digital media, whereas the Woods audio I wanted to be as natural as possible to reflect reality. This helps further represent the concept of walking further away from reality into virtuality whilst walking into my installation.


I’ve been acquainting myself with Adobe Audition as I’ve never ever used it before today, so I’ve been exploring the possibilities of editing sound through tutorials and features in Audition, such as the diagnostics scan that helps identify the possible clipped areas that you can then fix below. I have also looked at noise reduction and reducing ‘noise’ from no actual noise at all to texture the sound coming through that avoids this reduction which is interesting to listen to. I’m just really trying to refine the audio before I start exploring it too much.



Below are some videos of the audio changing as I explore the limitations of filters and amplitude within the piece. I’m still learning everything so it’s a bit rusty and not how I actually want it, but it’s a work in progress. I’m getting there, I think there just has to be a few things that I change and alter for it to be ready, as I don’t want it to be so obscure that people can’t tell it’s the woods in Skyrim. I want to carry on the idea of it ‘appearing normal but when you listen closely it’s different‘ and I think the organic crackles help achieve this for me.



After working on the audio for a few days now it’s sounding a whole lot better. I’ve refined the cracking sounds and explored different filters within the piece. I have backtracked certain aspects of it and lessened the enhancements of the audio to keep with my ‘appearing normal but when you listen closely it’s different‘ aesthetic to the audio, and I think they will complement my installation very well. The audio is very absorbing to the senses and creates intrigue in the participant, which will further immerse them within the piece and installation. Without my audio, my installation will not be complete and I know that it will not be interesting/ immersive at all. The noises of footsteps of the participants and the whispering will entirely detract from the installation which is why I’m worried about Georgina’s performances wanting my audio off not just turned down. Will have to think about this later I’m too stressed to deal with that now.



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