Tests for Installation

Previous planning for A27 is mentioned in this blog post.


I had planned to go into A27 this evening and just test the throw of the projector against the back wall to determine whether I have got the right size and the size of the pixels projected, or whether I need to change it to the 1:1 projector, however, the room was locked and is apparently locked overnight, therefore, inhibiting me from entering the room at all really until I begin installing. To combat this, I went into C09 and measured out the length of the room at 13.5m and projected onto the back wall in there. This enabled me to determine that the size of the pixels and resolution of the image on the back wall was not an issue for my installation and therefore I could proceed with the projector that I have already. The pixels resolution on the back wall works well because you are still able to determine what it is that is being shown, and it adds to the digital-esque aspects of my installation. I think it works really well and will work even better with the pixelated footage on the perspex sheets that will be hung. Also, the green-ness of the back wall footage will complement the warmer tones of the Skyrim footage, hopefully creating a balance and emphasising the reality of the back wall footage and the fantasy of the perspex footage.

Beth and I managed to get into A27 between two exams and tested the size of the projector against the height of the wall, to make sure that it will cover the entirety of the white partition wall that is currently open for exams. To do this we experimented with the footage I will be displaying, but also the grid that is available through the menu that displayed the boundaries of the projector’s throw, enabling us to determine that it will cover the wall entirely.

When installed in A27, the projector will be approximately 7 metres away from the perspex sheets that will hang suspended from the lighting truss. To ensure that the resolution of footage will work well on the perspex at this distance, I went into C09 and tested the projector 7.5 metres away from the perspex sheets with the frosted film put onto it. I have ordered some bigger sheets of this for this term, eliminating the seam that ran down the middle of the perspex in last terms installation.



Beth, Esther and I have been in A23 this morning testing out my sound developments in a large space with the speakers I will be using for my installation. When setting up I need to make sure that the mini-jack output to XLR goes into the XLR Left and Right to deviate off to both speakers. My sound is not entirely finished right now but we tried it regardless and the audio bounced around the room and surrounded your ears which worked exceptionally well. The audio from Skyrim will come from across the room, whilst the audio recorded in the woods will be played by the door, signifying the transition from reality into virtuality as the participant walks further into the installation. There are a few issues I need to alter in Adobe Audition for my sound, but other than that the test went really well and I’m happy with the acoustics of my audio in such a large room.


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