Skyrim: Texture Pack


Changing and altering my texture packs:

The earlier initial creation of the Texture Pack is explained in this blog post previous.

As of current, my texture pack has yellow felted mountains, bluegrass that needs changing, colourful roads that also need changing, and more textures added to it. As mentioned before I want to go with the aesthetic of  ‘everything looks normal but when you look closer you notice something’s different‘. The further you go into the virtual world that I have designed, the more you see. The smaller balls of felt on the surface of my textures become identifiers for the uncanny aspects of the landscape.



I have additionally changed:

reachdirt 02


To very subtle textures, in an attempt to blur the lines between the less subtle textures and the OG textures in the virtual world, as a transitioning stage for the landscape. The texture pack is really coming together, I think there only needs to be a few more minor alterations for it to finally be finished and ready for filming. The texture pack is more noticeable from a height, so in a bid to remove this from the filming, I’m only going to film my footage as close to the ground as I can whilst moving through it or stationary, so that the participant appears to be absorbed into the landscape instead of stood atop of it.

Below are images of some of the textures I have created and added to the virtual world alongside the original textures to show the development of the landscape and the changes I have made, radical and subtle. There are some textures that I have entirely subverted like the OG grey mountains compared to the now orangey-yellow mountains, although there are subtler changes such as fallforestdirt01 that already incorporated colourful leaves on the floor, and changed that to a brightly coloured ball of felt section of one of my felts.

This is how my texture pack looks as of now. I’m extremely happy with the balance of OG textures and felted textures in there, as I believe I have made the entire place a lot more inviting and curious to explore and visualise.


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