Planning for Installation in A27

It turns out that A27 is in use until the Monday of submission, therefore I cannot install in there until all exams are finished, the caretaker has removed all tables and chairs etc, and the cleaners have cleaned the room. This means I need to have everything planned to the last second in order to efficiently and sufficiently exhibit my work to the standard that I want it to be.

Measurements for A27:

I went to find Dom the technician and he has been in the room with me this evening after the exams finished helping me measure the room. He also brought down the lighting truss and helped me measure that, that way I can begin to prepare the distances of the room and plan as best as I can for the room without a practice. This is scaring me quite significantly.


SketchUp 3D plan:

I have decided to do a to-scale 3D model of A27 in order to try and fully plan out the installation as best as I can. It has actually helped me visualise it a lot better than my imagination has, and has helped me determine that I want the perspex to hang around 1m – 1.25m off the ground in such a big room. I have a meeting with LICA tech and Jen tomorrow about technology so hopefully, this will help LICA tech determine the technology I will need and/or help with it.


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