Creating the Texture Pack: Initial Steps

The idea of a texture pack is an interesting concept – a blanket you can cover the virtual world you are exploring with, and even tailor them to your moods or preferences, completely transforming a world to your specifications. (research?)

Attempting to make a texture pack;


I GOT IT TO WORK!!! After installing 3 different plugin’s for Photoshop CS6, along with some other software, it finally works! This will work so well with my footage, it will completely transform it from something that would most likely have looked haphazard and collaged in, to an entire 5 steps up on the footage from last term as it will be organic and flow well whilst it walks through Skyrim, but will also have my felts on the landscape! I am extremely excited and proud of myself if I’m being honest.


To create a texture pack within Skyrim, I downloaded a BSA Browser, Photoshop CS6, 3 different Nvidia plug-in’s for Photoshop. I then exported the OG texture pack with the BSA Browser and converted the ‘landscape’ folder as .dds files. I then opened the 1200dpi scans of my felts in Photoshop CS6 and sliced them into squares that were 240 x 240 pixels, lowering them to the resolution of the texture pack currently implemented in Skyrim. I then inserted one of the 240 x 240 squares over the texture pack in Photoshop, before saving them as ARGB files, and inputting them into the steamapps>common>skyrim>data>textures>landscape folder. I then reset the client for Skyrim and the files I inputted overwrite the current default, therefore presenting Skyrim with my felts as the textures.

Below are images of Skyrim with my first attempt at a texture pack installed, there needs to be a significant amount of development with it and refinement, but it looks so interesting and exactly what I wanted. The blue grass and purple roads are an issue that can easily be changed as I become further accustomed to the software.


Further advancements with the textures in the virtual world are looking a lot better, I need to have a look at how far I’m going to take this abstraction of the landscape. Do I go crazy like I did with Minecraft in the past or do I attempt subtlety? I’m going to Jen and Nathan’s office hour tomorrow so I can talk to them then about it and ask for their advice.



After meeting with Jen she pointed out the roughness of the edges of my texture pack as something that I need to fix – she could not be more right. I want to develop the appearance of ‘appearing normal but when you look closer you notice something is different‘ with my texture pack, subtlely manipulating the virtual landscape to appear to my interests.


Below are images of me following the above-mentioned tutorial in order to create a flawless texture for my texture pack. It has worked surprisingly well, even if there is a slight blurring at some edges, which I believe is down to the resolution of the original image not being able to be sourced by the photoshop ‘spot retouch’ tool.


The texture pack looks so much better with the seamless texture pack, I am going to develop the textures further however as of right now I think that the mountains are a definite hit – the texture conveyed through the felt and the presets of the 3D model already existing in the Skyrim client compliment each other really well and almost give the indication that the mountains should look like this anyway?


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