Degree Show Proposals


In an ideal situation, my immersive installation would be in A27 downstairs in LICA, as it already has a lighting truss installed, therefore, eradicating the issue of putting more holes in the LICA building, it also would enable the participants to enter inside the installation already!!! Without having to see the front of the panes of the plastic that look bloody terrible!! It would be like a really bit immersive installation, it would honestly be a dream.


For the Peter Scott, I would like to hang an A1 print of my installation – hopefully, this term I can take a really nice picture of the installation set up in a practice or something and get that printed? The print can have a matte finish so that the spotlight doesn’t gloss out the darkness of the image too much and the viewer can actually see it. Next to this, I want to hang a pair of mittens made from my handmade felt, and after looking at the juxtaposition of textures in the monotypes and talking to Jen, I think it would look really interesting to have them hung in front of a print out of an original texture from Skyrim to create depth within the exhibition of them, and also layer up my practice, as the mittens came from the texture itself, sort of like a circle of life.


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