Felt Development through Identification of Colour and Transcription


The process of making felt:


Below are images of my installation from lent term, that I have inputted into Photoshop to define a colour palette for the felts I will continue to make for the textural aspect of my footage.

I have used the colour-dropper tool to identify up to 18 colours in each image, of which I have matched felt fibres to, and will use to make felt that I can incorporate into the footage I will display for my installation.

Below are the colour palettes aside their original pictures for clarification. The colour-dropper tool is extremely helpful as it aids the identification of colour within the image that I could not see with my own eyes. I really like working to a colour palette that I have subconsciously created with my work, as I feel it brings my practice back into itself, constantly creating layers upon itself that inspires the next layer.

I have created some felts in response to the textures mentioned in this blog post, and the colour palette pictured above. I think they are very successful and also appear as an abstract landscape themselves. The colours work really well, the smaller balls of felt heighten the entire appearance of the felts, and the texture of the surface appears to be alive, slightly moving even when stationary. I think they will look so so good in my installation footage, as they will cut through the monotonous appearance of Skyrim’s virtual world and will peel the audience’s eyes away from the landscape to steal the attention, which I think will add to the immersive elements of the installation.


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