Exploring Textural Options & Directions

Exploring textures


volcanic dirt.png

After studying the above image from the Skyrim texture pack, I began adding smaller balls of felt and felted them into the foundations of the felt to create a sense of depth and texture within what is already a particularly flat material. This worked really well and gave it an almost organic appearance, indicating natural textures within it, aside from the colours chosen. I am going to explore the smaller balls further as I feel they will add to the felts and heighten their appearance within my footage.



I printed out many copies of the OG Skyrim texture pack and chose natural and organic looking colours to monotype with, in acrylic and oils. Inside the oil paints I have included some small sand/rocks from a beach to add to the texture of the surface and further imitate the appearance of the texture pack pictured above. This did not work as efficiently as I had hoped, and as of current the felt appears to be the route that I will continue further down for my textural footage.


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