Alterations: Advancements


I have decided to add back in the tactility of my previous artistic practice and encourage textures to be used in an aid to immersion within an installation. I’ve decided to include more of me and the things I enjoy doing.

I am not changing my concept or diverting from my path, as I am still looking at immersion and immersing participants within my installations, which is further exploring the concept and practice of this entire 3rd-year. I am going to add more content into the footage that I project onto the perspex with the inclusion of textures; most likely coming from handmade felts, embroidery or monotypes. If I were to collage in the textures to my existing footage of Skyrim, I could make them into cinemagraphs? I actually would really like to make a texture pack for Skyrim made of my textures although this is a lot more advanced than making a texture pack for Minecraft and would take a significant amount of time to learn how to execute efficiently. I have decided to spend just one day trying to make a texture pack for Skyrim, and in the event that I’m not successful, I will move on.

I want to look at juxtaposing textures within my footage, with the monotypes I can print onto preexisting Skyrim textures from the OG texture pack – this would actually tie in with my idea for the exhibition of my work in the Peter Scott Gallery, as noted in this blog post.



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