Identifying Issues and Alterations

Rectifying my dislike for my practice

Installation from Lent term:

What I DONT like:

  • The cloudiness of the plastic sheets,
  • the footage is too boring.
  • I want to focus more on the content of the installation and make my practice to focus on this, instead of my practice being about the installation and the content not being of such an importance. – notebook notes on this rambling.
  • I want it to be more tactile and have more of me in it.

Works that I’ve enjoyed

Texture packs in Minecraft from 2nd-year lent term;
The high coloured and plastic look of the acrylic paint on the ‘natural’ landscape of Minecraft played with the abstracted landscape and was just really interesting to explore and navigate through whilst within the virtual world.


My handmade game from 2nd-year summer term;
The entirety of this game was made from handmade felt that I handmade and embroidered then scanned in at 1200dpi, before clipping onto the sprites for my game.

What made me interested in video game manipulation? This is what helped me get into Skyrim, as Minecraft was too square and making my own game in 3D was too extensive ad time consuming for me to convey what I wanted: a crazily abstract and interesting world for people to explore virtually and bridge reality with virtuality.


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