Audio for my Immersive Escapism Installation

The audio accompaniment to my installation for submission that the participants will hear through wireless headphones as they explore the virtual space.
This will also be available in my studio prior and post my installation on my iPod with headphones attached.

There are four layers of audio:
1 Audio recorded in LICA woods that will play into the right ear
2 Audio recorded in Skyrim that will play into the left ear
3 The hours I have spent on Skyrim per day over the last month
4 An excerpt from The Wonderful World of Dissocia that I personally connect with


I have decided to explore the possibility of binaural audio to aid the immersion of my installation to;

“reflect the way we receive sound in real life, creating vivid and rich soundscapes you would experience if you were actually there”

I have included the audio from Skyrim and the woods in order to further create the space as a bridge between reality and virtual worlds, alongside the speaking of the numbers of hours I have spent on Skyrim over the month leading up to the submission, and also the excerpt of the play The Wonderful World of Dissocia, in order to culminate all of my personal experiences and connections to both the real world and the virtual world alongside the escapism and dissociation within video games.

I have created an immersive installation. The participant should hopefully become immersed in the installation itself, inhabiting the installation for a small period of time; as opposed to being immersed in the Skyrim world or the real world. I want the participant to become immersed within the installation.

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