Immersive Escapism Installation #3 – The Final Composition

FacadeSignage Player 15_03_2018 13_35_25.png

The installation looks so much better with the plastic sheets hanging over the images, I’ve also changed the positioning of the projector and elevated it so that the shadows cast from the plastic interfere with the back wall image more, in order to aid the clear intentions of my installations’ emotional concept.

I chose to use transparent perspex sheets to project onto to represent the turmoil I feel around virtual worlds and reality. When the participant walks through my installation, they will see a moving image of exploring and travelling through Skyrim on the two plastic panes hanging, to represent the running away and towards reality I feel when thinking about my dependence on escapism, as the participant will see this from both outside and inside the installation. (For reference, I refer to the inside of the installation as the space between the perspex sheets and the back wall)

The front two panels are featuring footage from Skyrim and the back wall image is from LICA woods; this is to indicate the steps made towards reality, by stepping past the virtual reality that I inhabit. The plastic panes also feature multiple instances of footage contrasting with the lone footage on the back wall, displaying the limitless possibilities of a virtual world and the virtual world that I inhabit in Skyrim.

The hanging plastic takes the form of portals allowing access for the participants into the virtual world that I inhabit, hanging suspended in the air floating alike to the connotations of the image of a portal appearing in the thin air awaiting transportation to a virtual world throughout literature.

Once the participant walks between the hanging plastic and the back wall, they are able to see the world on the plastic sheets in a much vivid colour scheme, with the light shining through it, indicating the appeal of the virtual world in comparison to the real world.

When the participant walks into my immersive installation, they become a piece of the artwork also, capturing my blend of both virtual and real worlds upon their clothes. Embedding them into the world themselves.

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