Exploring Possibilities of Narratives or Spoken Word

Spoken Word or Narrative

Research is at this blog post: Art and Literature

I think it would be interesting to have audio that speaks about escapism and dissociation, as when I’m playing video games I disassociate quite badly. Could this be statistics? This could be the hours I spend on Skyrim per day? Could it be a piece of literature?

Looking at Narrator types;

An objective narrator is an observer
and describes or interprets thoughts, feelings, motivations, of the characters. Details such as setting, scenes, and what was said is stronger with an objective observer”

If I were to have some form of narration or story I wouldn’t want it to be from my own voice, in that it wasn’t my emotional connection to something or anything overly personalised. I’d want an extract from a book or poem or something. I don’t want it to sound anything like my journal from last term.

I have stressed about writing an emotional response to the installation for about a week and a half now. I’m not going to do that. I don’t feel comfortable doing that therefore I’m going to do something else.

One of the plays I read at a-level I connected with on a personal level was called The Wonderful World of Dissocia, which was about a girl who had dissociative identity disorder (what I have) so I could read an extract from this.


After rereading this play I’ve connected with it so so much more since I was 17, probably because I’ve grown up a lot since then and gone through the hardest years of my life, but Act 2 Scene 11 has ignited my fire for it again. Lisa’s sister is just being a piece of shit towards her sister, it’s a fucking illness, not something she can opt out of like her vitamins for god’s sake. The speech from her sister is what I have chosen to use as a narrated excerpt over my installation that will play for the participants. I want something like this to be included to add my own personal stamp on it and elevate my own personal attachment to the piece so that I can connect to it and not dissociate from the work like I do the majority of the time.



I’ve decided to use the tracking of the hours I play of Skyrim every day as an accompaniment audio to the installation, as I think the jarring nature of numbers being spoken into the earphones would add a sense of tense and curiosity to the piece, by not necessarily understanding where the numbers are coming from at the start or the fact that they aren’t counting down which is what people may assume.



hours data

skyrim hours

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