Immersive Escapism Installation #2

Introduction of Another Column

The shadows of the wallpaper onto the back wall’s image does not bother me as when you walk through the immersive space, they become blended into the background, almost like tree trunks so that they do not interfere. The only thing I exceptionally dislike is the column that is in the middle of the room. Cutting off the ‘entrance’ to the world I have created that was via the middle of the two pieces of paper last installation, is a big negative no for me and it made me uncomfortable to be in. The visuals are coming along well although I think I need to make it a bit more interesting; maybe introduce some form of movement and a balance of movement and stillness?

The pixels will always be a favourite aspect of my installations for me. I love how the closer you get to the walls and details of the installation you begin to see that even though the image is of reality, it is immaterial and virtual through the depiction of the pixels. I think the cooler tones of the snow and the warmth coming through the green background image works well, I think I will keep the background image for my future installations. The close-up of how I have filmed this part of the woods submerges the viewer within the woods and the immersive element of the installation actually does its job.


I brought my Poly 3D chair in from the last term, just to see how it would look/ act in the immersive space and again it was a NO. I don’t want people to sit down and watch my installation, I want them to experience it and explore it and become immersed in it. Even if they stand up close to view it or something, then they can do that but I do not want them to sit idle, I want them moving, curiously inspecting the installation. This would be better with sound? I need to add sound.

I asked a friend to come and view the installation and I monitored their reactions whilst they were immersed in the surrounding environment. It was a positive outcome, as they did automatically walk straight through the middle which was my intention. They also ‘played’ in the installation and world, indicated that they felt it was a place other to the room that it was situated within, and that they could explore it as a new world. The images actually came out well too which might be something I do later on (photograph people immersed in my installations).


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