Virtual Reality: Woods

Google Cardboard Camera + Google Daydream

Using the panoramic image I took whilst in LICA woods and my VR headset, I asked participants to experience the virtual world I had simply created, whilst walking around LICA’s lobby space, that is a short distance from the actual woods itself, reflecting the nature of Virtual Reality that you may be immersed in a landscape, but unable to actually reach it. This also reflected the frustration of the software I was using, as it was not a 3D rendered world for them to explore, instead merely a 2D image that they could view as an onlooker, leading to frustration. The specifics of this experiment and how I managed to create the image and so on are available in the post: Exploring Ways to Bring People into the Landscape.

Original image:


Participants & their feedback:

The participants’ reactions speak for themselves, however, they were more positive than I expected. The fact that the participants could not actually interact with the world itself and were merely onlookers brought about frustrations, which are understandable and I felt them myself, however, I still wanted an outsiders opinion on the display of this virtual world. This is not something I will be exploring further for now, until I have taught myself how to use 3D rendering software where I can create a fully interactive virtual world for the participants to interact with and explore personally.



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