Skyrim: Creation Kit

Exploring the possibility of a Surrealscape within the Creation Kit

After learning how to modify the Skyrim visuals and world, I decided to explore the possibility of creating a world that plays with the viewers’ perception of what they assumed the landscape would look like. To do this, I used the creation kit to input aspects of the Skyrim landscape into an unexpected formation; a mountain floating above the viewer upside down, a bridge absorbed into the sides of many mountains, and a ridiculously large tree embedded in the ground upside down. I wanted to look at the idea of people experiencing video games in a way that wasn’t the norm and not what they were expecting, a bit like last terms goal of bringing video games to others in a way they wouldn’t expect. Below are images and footage that were taken in Skyrim enabling the COC WFM (wireframe mode) in order to see the assemblage of the Skyrim landscape I had created. To implement the *plugin into the Skyrim game, I had to enable the saved *plugin on the interface to the game via Data, and when in the game I had to toggle the ‘`’ button and enter the command ‘COC Wilderness’ in order to transport myself to the landscape that I had created. There were a few hiccups along the way, as this is all very new technology for me but I think it was successful. I have determined that I will not be creating a ‘Surrealscape’ or going down a Surrealist route with my practice as that is not where my interest lies, it is with the immersion of the participant within the landscape that I want to investigate further.

Below are screenshots that were taken within the creation kit software, whilst I was making the landscape. It shows close up images and glitches of the created landscape.


Below are images still taken within the creation kit software but enabling me to determine what the landscape would look like roughly when I implemented the *plugin into the Skyrim game.


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