My Skyrim Rock

The Making of:

Made from many panels of rectangular and triangular cardboard, I began constructing my Skyrim chair. It is built around a locker so there is no chance of it caving in on the participant which is always a bonus.

Paper Mache:
To strengthen the stability of the chair around the area upon which the participant would sit, I used pva glue and tissue paper to paper mache. solidifying the supports of the chair. I then sanded down the uneven bits of tissue paper ready for papering with the texture I printed out, from the .dds files of Skyrim.

I used pva glue again to paper the chair, hand measuring and hand cutting every single panel to ensure that the joins of the chair were alike to the in-game research of the rocks of Skyrim.

The Finished Product:
I have spliced in images of my rock/chair with images of rocks within Skyrim to show the comparison between them and how alike they are. The extensive research of the rocks has definitely paid off in achieving a believable accessory, that looks like it was pulled from the game into the real world – reference to post and post.

I’ve rendered the photographs of my rock to give it the in-game feel, also to depict the objects of the game in a way that they may be experienced singularly, away from the landscape. In future I would love to possibly make something like this but a bit more refined, like Pat Flynn’s Boulders out of MDF and print however, as an accessory and not a sculpture, it is merely there to aid the immersion of the participant and bring the video game to the participant.



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