Journal: What do I want from it?

A Personal Experience

I want to display my memories of the worlds for the participant to see, to do this I’ve chosen to create and bind my own journal, that details the memories that correspond to the landscapes shown. I was unsure about how to stylise the diary to give it the appearance of a journal in Skyrim, so I went into the Skyrim folder on my computer through Steam and extracted .dds files from the .bca to see the textures of the items. I found textures for the rock that I will be making in here, but I also found journal textures, specifically that of a cover, the leather that bound the book. I also wanted to make it look authentic, so I scoured the internet and .bca for the font files of the game. I concluded that Cyrodiil is the font used in most tomes in Skyrim, however, it is usually the published ones. The spell books and the published writing bookswhereas I wanted my journal to be a personal rendition of the memories held in the game. After more searching I found that the font used in personal letters to friends in Skyrim and in personal journals was Viner Hand ITC, therefore I chose this font to mimic the journals I found within the game, bringing an essence of the game out into the real world. When writing the journal I also struggled with whether I wanted the journal to be written from the perspective of my character inside the game (essentially me as my character) or from the perspective of me, telling the story that my character experienced. I’m still undecided on this, and need to test it further with my installation.


Cyrodiil Font:


Viner Hand ITC Font:



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