Refining the Landscape

Which landscapes and subsequent memories to choose?

I have chosen the landscapes and corresponding memories of:

The Ice Dragon, Auto-saving Disaster
My First Camp Conquest
The Alchemist’s Shack
Breaking Out of Fort Sungard

I’ve chosen these landscapes, and their memories, because they are the most vivid and will aid the immersion of the participant, by triggering an emotional response to them. U have also chosen them because they are all very warm toned compared to the harsh darkness of some of the landscapes I was experimenting with at the beginning of the term. I wanted them to be warm to evoke safety and calm within the viewer, relaxing them and not making them feel threatened. All of this helps me immerse them in my world, but to help this I want to bring an element of the video game out into the real world. This is detailed on my research blog in posts: Bringing virtual into real and Immersion through physical objects. I’m planning to write my ‘Journal’ of travels in Skyrim to aid even further the immersion of the participant inside the video game and world, to have them hold something that is from that world and read something from that world will hopefully help trick the brain into believing it is actually there.


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