Immersion: Explored

Making a Polyhedral Rock, transported from Skyrim to Earth

I was thinking about how to bring aspects from Skyrim to the real world and my installation, to help with the immersion of the participant in my installation, and to do this I want to make a rock, from Skyrim, covered in the textures of Skyrim rocks, for the participant to sit on. I was originally thinking about making a very realistic rock and covering it in a dirt or sand to convey the rock texture of earth, but then I realised I wanted to convey Skyrim, so I’m making a rock that is entirely smooth, polyhedral and resembles a video game rock significantly. I am making the rock for the participant to sit on whilst viewing the exhibition if they so wish. It is built on something sturdy so will not collapse, and it’s strong enough to convey a rock, I want them to feel part of the video game, as if they looked down they would see themselves made of polyhedral shapes a bit like Tomb Raider. I want to aid this immersion as much as possible, so I am going to paper the rock with textures from Skyrim rocks, and study the rocks in game extensively to convey the texture of them in-game, outside of the game.

When thinking about displaying a rock, I had to be careful not to make it too much like a museum, which is explained in this blog post on my research page: Diorama exploration research. I also looked at artists who create immersive landscapes, detailed in this post: Immersion through Physical Objects.

Below are a few studies of a Skyrim rock and the textures it is covered in, along with close ups of texture and shape and how the game developers have joined each polygon together to create this very angular shape that is so signature of video game visuals.


The studies of rocks inside Skyrim remind me heavily of the work of Pat Flynn and their work with MDF and Prints to create the illusion of a video game. I am doing a similar thing with my rock, although it will be significantly lower budget and more of an accessory as opposed to a sculpture. I really think that Flynn’s boulders are exceptionally well executed and if my practice does go further into bringing video games into real life, touched on in this post: Bringing virtual into real world, I would love to execute my responses to the video game in a similar fashion to Flynn.

Pat Flynn – Boulders, 2000/2001


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