Important: Posts

My Research Blog is available at this link.

Although to fully understand the thought processes and developments of my art this term, you will need to look at all of my posts, to see my development, however if you are pressed for time, the most important ones that you can hopefully deduce my practice from are listed below:


Framing Landscapes: Skyrim
Exploring the ‘Window’
Rear Projection: Yogurt
Exploring Projection: Nov 9th
Exploring Projection: Nov 13th
Exploring Projection: Nov 14th
Exploring Projection: 16th Nov
Exploring Concept: Memories
Exploring Projection: Nov 20th
Projection Exploration: 28th Nov
Refining the Landscape
Immersion: Explored
Journal of travels through Skyrim
Installation for Assessment: Final Experiments + Reflections


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