Projection Exploration: 28th Nov


I’ve decided to start documenting my work by displaying the movement that is such a signature part of my exploration of practice this term, and so here come the gifs!
The silk screen here works very very well and captures the texture of the game perfectly. I will make sure to cast a tree onto the silk screen for my final exhibition of the installation, as it is the clearest image and works so much better with something that moves.

gif leaves


Creating smaller gifs of the movement in the entire installation helps display how it is experienced, without actually being there, albeit very muted compared to the actual experience. The screens have moved again and I think this layout works a lot better compared to the previous ones, as it breaks up the screen more on the wall, and created bigger and more disjointed interference.full shot


The speed of the water on this screen makes the installation here, by having the silk screen at an angle away from the projector itself, the water really wraps around the screen, showing more distance that the water is travelling and exemplifies the speed at which the water is flowing. This works perfectly and now I am torn to whether have a tree or water on the final silk screen. We shall see.

The pixels again are fascinating me on the installation, they make me want to cross stitch again or even knit the pattern if I was more advanced in that area. This will have to be subdued for a while, possibly being explored more next term, although I want to focus more on the immersion of the participant in my work and their transportation into my worlds.

small water


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