Exploring Projection: Nov 20th


The back projection onto the two glass panes I have used in my installation works really well and brings out the pixels very clearly in the images. I think this will work exceptionally well with my final installation in the future as the participant/ viewer will be able to move freely throughout the space, and immerse themselves in the images around them.

I decided to experiment with a mirror to bring the image of the landscape out of the rectangle of the projected space, which I think works really well. The exploration of space outside of the expected rectangle of the projection brings the landscape out of the virtual sense and throws it into our world, breaking the barrier between the virtual world and the real world. I really like this experiment and will continue to play with the juxtaposition of the image outside of the rectangle and breaking up the screen even further than the glass screens are doing.

I especially like the way that the trees wrap around the entire room, it’s like they envelop you and throw you into this immersive world, that has crowded around you. Your peripheral vision doesn’t betray you either, as it’s absorbed by the installation and images that are surrounding you in the space. This works really well and I think I’ll make sure I include this in the final installation, to aid the transportation of the person’s imagination into the world.

The full shots of the installation are not as interesting as the rest of it, although the shots do capture the size of the projection and how much it swallows up the room which I think works really well in terms of immersion and imagination. I want to transport the participant/ viewer into the world through emotion as that is what helps us create memories, so if I can trigger this in the viewer I should succeed.


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