Exploring Concept: Memories

Why these landscapes? Why the installation? Why immersion? Why?

I’ve been struggling to put into words why I want to display these worlds, and why I want people to be able to explore them also. I have chosen these specific landscapes to Frame because each of them correlates to a specific memory that I have inside Skyrim, which is essentially a world that I live in for a large portion of my life, as other gamers can understand. In a similar way that readers become absorbed by the stories in their novels and the way that film fanatics escape into the worlds portrayed for them on the cinema screen, I find comfort inside these virtual worlds that I can live in, away from the real world, and live in a space where I am in control, I can explore so many different things that are just not available to me in real life. I find comfort in the exploration of finding new worlds, which most likely comes from my obsession with archaeology, although I feel that most people can understand the fascination with exploring something entirely unknown. The curiosity and intrigue you face when you encounter something new.

I want to create an emotive response within my audience, and aid them in creating a memory inside the world that has become mine, so that I can share the happy experiences with others. I also want to play around with the idea of an unconventional display of a video game – as video games, even in an art context, are usually there to play, just like with my practice last year when I made my own game. I set it all out for others to play themselves, although I want to see if I can convey a video game to an viewer, without them literally playing it. If I can immerse them inside the game, without having them have direct contact with the game itself, through video installation and immersion. I seem to have a morbid fascination with immersion, probably because I like to escape life regularly, but I want to transport people into this world of complete possibility and have them experience it for themselves.


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