Exploring Projection: Nov 14th

Introducing a Silk Screen

In response to the primary experiments I carried out recently, I decided to include different forms of material to catch the projection and the light. Adding two different depths of exploration inside the space. I think the presence of the frosted glass and the silk screen add to the exploration of the space by giving you different things to experience whilst you are inside my world. You can walk around them and view them from different points of the room, encompassing the entire space, so that you are not solely stuck at looking at the projection from one place in a specific area of the room. After placing it to the side of the room, I realised that the silk was absorbing so much of the light of the projector that I was interfering with the image cast by the projector onto the wall. This was a really interesting aspect to the image, that I had not thought about prior to my experiment. This caused me to specifically look for the silk frame when I noticed that there was a black square of image missing from the wall, adding a sense of intrigue and exploration to the world that I am conveying.

Subject Participation and Feedback

I decided to let more people into my space and my world to experience the places I inhabit for weeks of my life, leaving my notebook for people to write their feedback and how it made them feel. The feedback was mostly positive which was reassuring, and it was interesting to see how peoples’ reactions differed depending on when they were in the room, with different amounts of people, displaying aspects of their personality. It was fascinating to see people who are usually quite loud individuals become silent and transfixed on the atmosphere and world in which they were placed, and vice versa with quiet people become extremely playful and begin to jump in and out of the projector, playing in the space provided and experiencing it with a more light hearted approach. Witnessing these personalities reacting to the world that I had provided them was fascinating and encourages me to conduct my own personal anthropological experiment on reactions to being transported into a realm in which they may or may not be familiar with.



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