Exploring Projection: Nov 9th

An Immersive Installation

After experimenting with how my glass could catch the light, I was exploring the patterns I could create, dictating which areas the projection was caught on. Although, in the process of wiping down the palette between experiments, I noticed that the image was being thrown onto the wall behind me on a significant scale. The appearance of my worlds on the large wall, absorbing a lot of the space around me, was fascinating. The way that the image distorted along the wall perpendicular to the projector and spread like water was especially interesting. It created this entirely immersive area, that I could exist in, in the real world opposing my existence in the world in the digital aspect.

The streaks of yogurt and water on the glass after I had wiped it down was managing to catch the light from the projector in addition to throwing the image onto the wall behind me which was compelling. The streaks and the bright light from the projector on the glass were also really appealing, creating this human influence onto the digital world.

An Outsider’s Experience of my Installation

I decided to introduce people into my immersive installation of my world, simply to see their primary reaction for research purposes. It appeared to be an exciting experience for the participant, who proceeded to interact with both the projection and the projector itself, interfering with the light of the projection and admiring and playing in the world itself; pretending to jump into a river and climb a wall. It was really exciting to see another person express such enthusiasm for my worlds, which I usually express alone.


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