Rear Projection: Yogurt

Experiment #3

In terms of frosting the glass, the yogurt worked a lot better than the flour. I like the idea of using glass over silk for the primary projection, meaning yogurt will be my chosen medium for the coming experiments. I took the same approach to the recipes as I did with the flour, initially starting out with a yogurt heavy solution, and gradually adding more water to it to loosen up the mixture. The smell wasn’t too bad either which was a bonus. I also liked the appearance of the brush strokes achieved on the glass, the streakiness added an extra level of texture to the image without compromising the detail of the images I was using.

The projection was very clear through the yogurt frosted glass, creating a very precise appearance of my worlds.

It conveyed the world clearly and yet also let enough light through to throw the projection onto both walls, much like the flour did. In response to the yogurt’s clear appearance, the projection onto the walls was also a lot clearer as the lines of the world did not get lost in the clumps of flour on the previous experiment.

Once the yogurt was all pasted onto the glass, I noticed that the image hues differed where the yogurt was wet, creating a blue tint to the images juxtaposing the warmth of the original image. I’m unsure as to why this occurred scientifically although I thought the appearance of it was intriguing, leading me to play about with the wet yogurt on the glass and experiment with the brush strokes and influence of the frosted yogurt on the image.


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