Rear Projection: Silk

Experiment #2

Using silk to capture the light of the projection was a learning experience, although what called to me the most was the way that the weave of the silk caught and mingled with the pixels in the footage of Skyrim that I was using. The very uniform square of the pixels and the varied pattern of the weave of the material created an intriguing juxtaposition between the ‘natural’ material and the digital image.

On a larger scale, the picture created from the projection was very crisp and clean on the silk. The creases in the material interrupted this immaculate picture created, so if I were to try it again, I would bring my iron with me to create this perfectly flat area for the light to catch. It reminded me of a cinema screen a lot, even a home cinema, which was interesting and worked well with the footage, bringing video games into an environment that they may usually be exhibited – at home.

In addition to the pixels merging with the weave of the silk, the other aspect of the experiment that I thought was really awesome was the way that the projector light itself shone through the silk, almost creating this ethereal world appearance, possibly reminding me of LOTR and a fantasy, imitating the sun in the landscape itself. It really lights up the specific area it is in and almost casts the rest of the landscape into darkness, giving it this fantasy look that I really like.


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