Rear Projection: Flour

Experiment #1


I mixed nine different recipes of rice flour + water to attempt to frost the glass for the projector. The flour made it very grainy and lumpy although the texture was interesting. I experimented by starting out with quite a thick solution, and gradually added four spoons of water nine different times, developing a thinner and thinner recipe to catch the light. The more water I added the grainier it seemed to appear, as the water dripped and dried in a watery appearance.

Below are photographs of the experiment squares that had too much flour in the mixture, creating a very thick pasty look which highlighted and grained the images I projected.

Below are photographs of the solution that had too much water, leaving the presence of the water to evaporate and leave the fluid appearance of the flour behind. It has created a very interesting texture that looks almost like ‘natural’ and a study of nature, almost leaving the appearance of a lake and moving water, however, this was not the appearance that I desired to achieve.

I photographed close ups of my projection onto the flour pasted glass that was divided into nine different squares. It was really interesting to see how the solutions created different effects, and the act of removing certain aspects of the flour on the glass, leaving behind a clear area for the projection to shine through.

The light of the projector was interesting to experiment with, and although I can’t explain why, the projection was being picked up on the flour-glass, and bouncing back onto the wall behind it, and also shining through the flour as it wasn’t catching all of the light and appearing on the wall in front of it. It ended up creating three different images with different textures in the room, creating this weird sort of world for me to walk around and through and experience.


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