Exploring the ‘Window’


I wanted to explore the illusion of opening up a confined space, making it trick the brain into believing that there is an entire world through this window or opening, just on the other side of the wall. However, due to the significant light output from the projection, it illuminated the area which destroyed the illusion of a window having light come through it, instead the light was around it. It was also a poor attempt as the projector was very involved and close to the area, again ridding the viewer of any chance of forgetting that they are in a confined space, shattering my attempt.

To enhance the immersive element that I wanted to convey, I tried projecting my worlds onto the underneath of a table that I wrapped paper around. Due to the angle of the projector the image came out as a trapezium, distorting the image. I asked a participant to lay under the desk and explore the image and they stated that the table needed to be bigger and that the image should not be distorted, pointing out all of the obvious problems with my experiment.



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