Framing Landscapes: Skyrim

Exploring virtual landscapes

To take these shots probably took me about an hour. Simply because I was running through the world trying to find the best shots to capture, and almost as soon as I did a CPU would walk past with their wolf and entire herd, compromising the shot. A bit like real life if I’m honest. I meticulously explored the world for a long time before I even began to shoot, constantly searching for beautiful landscapes. Although, I didn’t choose the landscapes because they were simply aesthetically pleasing, I only captured the landscapes that created an emotional reaction within me, only landscapes that I wanted to jump through my screen into and exist there. Inhabit it and never leave. I think it would be exciting to use this process to ‘frame’ my video games further, and use this as a process for my art practice. I could use use this form of photography/videography to capture aspects of virtual worlds that I want to inhabit,

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