Abandoned Landscapes: Raw Photography

Searching for inspiration

I seem to be having a hard time starting this term, I haven’t been well over the summer so maybe that’s why. I thought I’d take my camera out near the abandoned building on my street and take some images that emulated a landscape abandoned by humanity (maybe this is where I want to be?). Wouldn’t it be cool to see the world abandoned by humanity but technology still operating as if we were still here? At the top of my street there is a temporary traffic light for some works which I’ve captured in possibly my favourite photograph that I’ve ever taken. The flash on the camera brings out the brightness in the warning sign and makes it appear to be Photoshopped into the image. Add this to the apocalyptic looking sky, the scaffolding around the deteriorating building on the left and the glaring light of the traffic light, and it really creates the feeling that no one is around. Humanity doesn’t exist here anymore.


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