Photoshop Landscapes

Exploring possibilities

I would like to create landscapes that display a technological apocalypse (technological singularity), where there is no sign of humanity left although all of the technology that has been left behind is still operating as it would. Traffic lights halting imaginary traffic, street lamps turning on with no one to light up, solar lamps turning on in people’s gardens. This idea of the world technically carrying on without humans is intriguing for me, what if that is what the future holds?
I’ve used Photoshop to manipulate some of my favourite images taken near the abandoned mill on St Georges quay which is two buildings down from my house. I was lucky to catch the bright orange sunset which really completes the collages, indicating the apocalyptic imagery used in pop culture and referenced on my research blog.
I thought that the collages may help me decide what sort of landscapes or even art that I want to create with this idea, although they haven’t been helpful. They were initially supposed to be quick edits to help picture the worlds that I am interested in although it may be that my imagination is too vivid and fantasy-inspired for primary photographs to convey my ideas.


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