Submission: Plans

I have been having lots of thoughts and issues with how I want my game to be presented. I specifically want the felt to be an experience outside of the game as well as inside, which is where I was having trouble. I originally thought to make a pair of slippers so that the user could experience the texture of the felt that is used as the ‘floor/background’ of the game under their feet whilst playing although I was worried that this would not be taken seriously or would be interpreted to be too off topic. I then had thoughts about how the user could experience the felt with their fingers and thought of gluing sections of felt to the keyboard to press whilst playing.

I have decided to go back to my original idea as this is how I want the game to be experienced. I want to create that sense of nostalgia felt from when playing games as a child perhaps on a Saturday morning in your comfy clothes, slippers and pillows. Therefore I have decided to make the slippers for the user to wear whilst playing, along with a pillow case to fit a cushion – both made from lichen inspired felt – so that whilst my game is being played you can have a sensory experience that reaches three different senses, touch, hearing and sight. This will elaborate the immersive, all encompassing nature of my game and hopefully create a sense of realism with the user.

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