My Player will be a Lichen

In a world where you are surrounded by felt that was inspired by lichens and growths – see Venetian Wall Inspired Felt & Handmade Felt, Created at the Inspiration of Lichens, I was unsure what the player should be. I have had a lot of turmoil over this idea as exampled by the frequent changing of the players appearance, although I have settled on the idea of the player being a lichen itself. The specific tasks of the game is to collect lichens that have been hidden all over the world whilst also escaping the maze, however I find the idea of being a lichen, looking for lichens, really interesting. It’s almost like trying to find yourself whilst you’re lost which resonates with me on a personal level. Also the idea of being an organism whilst in a game is something which I find interesting, as usually players are male, or an animal, so to be a lichen which is neither male or female, nor even human, with give a sense of identifying with my game for all genders and users.

lichen strip.png

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