Implementing a Reverse Code and Intentions

I decided to create a game to explore the possibility of texture within a primarily flat platform and explore my interests in virtual manipulation, although another aspect of the creation was referring to my previous works, and to create a space where only things I have made exist. It is altering my previous concept of a safe space in that it is not one, although it is an exclusive area of escapism for myself and anyone else who wants to experience it. I have blurred the lines of reality and created an area that could be real, as all of it is made my me. Blurring the difference between reality and virtual, especially for my own brain, I have also played with the idea of the word ‘escape’. An escape for me is a world where I do not have to think about my troubles, although for others it may not appear to be escapism for them. I have therefore turned the idea of escapism on it’s head and created an area that is exclusive to me, whilst also making it difficult to escape for others. For users to experience what my world is like, and at the same time experience the frustrations I feel most of the time due to my mental health – like I am confined in a space. To create this sense of being trapped and unable to escape, I have made it so that when you come within proximity to certain trees, they change your direction for a couple of seconds, and no matter how much you hold down the arrow of direction for ‘left’, the player will go ‘right’, until those seconds are up. I have also made it so that when you walk over a certain area of a lake, it transports you to another lake across the game. This adds to the disillusionment of the game, whilst being in a maze and not knowing where you are in this world that I have created, making it exclusively mine as only I can know where each lake takes you, which trees interfere with your step, and ultimately how to navigate through the maze.

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