Creating and Adding Lakes, Accompanied by Animation and Sound

For the lakes featured in my game, I have gone through the same process of creation for the trees – see Implementing Trees into my Virtual World, although I have adjusted the clipping mask on the images slightly and saved them in succession to create an animation for the lakes, to create the appearance of moving water. I have also added a sound clipping of water to the lake objects and coded this into the obj_player again so that upon collision the water sound begins. For the visuals of the lakes, I also created a layer between the initial drawing and the scanned image and coloured this to suit the typical colours of water. I then set the opacity of the scanned image’s layer to 40%, giving the layer beneath room to come through and tint the above layer, creating blue and green tinted lakes. The lakes also appear to be swallowed by the initial green coloured background, therefore this will have to be changed.


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