Immersive, all-consuming textures

Have managed to code my Minecraft world so that all of the blocks (minus the leaves?) into the textures of my painted mountains from last term. I really like the outcome as the entire world has become mine! Covered the entire world in my art, its almost like it’s a part of me – like the gallery experiment I let people destroy – and for assessment I’m going to let the markers play in the world themselves. They can do whatever they want and just see what I have created. Will need to leave a small non patronising list of instructions on how to use the platform although I feel that I can’t cover everything that I have created into a video. Also it could be too boring and numbing to watch, whereas if they LIVE my spaces, they will have more of an immersive experience and experience my safe spaces. I can then bridge the aspect of sharing my worlds with other people and branch out into bringing the platform back into reality – like the embroidered map I plan to project onto next term. (Work in progress, designs/info in my development book).

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