Next term:

Develop the narration? Maybe, need to research Blandy more.

Am I going to have work as videos? Yes – only for submission I would like to have it as an immersive experience, let the tutors explore the world. Have to make sure that the laptop is all set up and ok for that though. Will like to explore the participatory element that my project could take – could invite people to experience my world again whilst it’s projected onto something? Perhaps again revisit the idea of using a ps4/ xbox to play it and project it so that two people can play at the same time.

Collaborations. Email and work with Blockworks which could be interesting, also work with Martha Norman. Already discussed this and she has agreed to work together: will be taking a natural rock that she has turned into pigment, then perhaps into a print and then putting it into a texture pack to turn it back into a rock in the virtual platform. Could be an interesting outcome.

Bring the worlds out of the online platform whilst still existing within them: Embroider and stitch a map of my chosen world onto some calico and project onto it? Would be interesting to project my world and play on it whilst it’s being projected. Could even have sections of the land on the map embroidered in the image of the certain texture on the block which covers that land. Almost real? Or pixelated? Might need to research maps/ tapestries. Could even explore cross stitch because it’s blocks and pixelated, could transfer better actually. Or even the rug pulling thing I saw on Facebook the other day, as it would be done through squares, similar material to the cross stitch material. Would need different coloured wool for that.

SO looking forward to developing this further. Still desperately want to keep Minecraft and develop this further although add other elements.


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