Safe Space Experiment: LICA

I feel happy here because I spend most of my days here, running around barefoot between studios or just with my headphones in, in my own world. Although the aesthetic isn’t exactly what I wanted, as the textures are obviously not that of LICA, I feel the resemblance to the building is executed well.

Today I realised that I have lost my way with my project (thank you Rebecca!) and I have realised that I had began making art that doesn’t coincide with my passion for Minecraft. I have also been using the Minecraft world as a place to create a canvas in which to hold my art work, instead of using the world itself as my blank canvas which is what I had been doing up until two weeks ago in the experiments with Adobe Sketch and so forth. I have taken this time to reflect upon my choices and where my project is going, and I have decided that I will not continue the ‘building’ aesthetic I had achieved with my ‘gallery’ and LICA building. Instead I’m going to take my art down the route that I feel happier with: Using the world as my blank canvas to create free experiments in which will not cause me the same amount of stress that the pressure of replicating buildings has given me. I want to learn to code Minecraft even better than I already can and in turn create crazy weird worlds which are covered in my collages or paint that I can tunnel into and explore.

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