Projection Installation

The projector has given me an alteration to the colouring of my collage due to my high shutter speed and the flickering of colour a projection produces. This is my most favourable collage projected onto multiple branches – in response to Tony Ousler – but it didn’t work as an installation. The colour alterations and responses to my installation by fellow students indicates the failure it achieved as an installation, although, I believe it still does work as a series of photographs. I also believe that the magnitude that Tony Ousler achieved with his very strong projector and entire trees was unobtainable with my resources, and whilst it was a decent attempt, it didn’t have the aesthetic of a landscape for me whilst being projected onto the branches and only works as photographs which have been edited. Due to the failure of my installation, I have chosen not to project the delicate image of the collage, and am going to further my experimentation with perhaps projecting onto the collage instead.

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