Development – 3


Too much light blue has been used in this monotype leaving the image itself affected by the aesthetic it sets. Pastel colours can in my opinion hint at falsity and accompanied by the purple hue blending over the central focal point of the tree, this landscape stops my creative flow almost instantly as it is not immersive and my brain questions it’s validity. The only part of the collage which redeems itself for me is the inclusion of water – the aesthetic of having the two rivers meet around the brush and engulf the lower half of the collage is very interesting and I think it is an essential part of a collage – the waves of the water hinted at by the dark lines break up the image from the rocky texture accompanied by trees and makes the collage seem ‘almost’ real. I’m unsure about this collage so I will be using it in my projection experiments in the weeks to come although I am not sure whether it will be chosen fully yet.

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