Chosen – Will develop further.

The red textured paint appears in all of them, perhaps a subconscious attraction? Along with the brush marks as opposed to the thickness of paint and a variance of the colour blue. All natural looking??? Like the brush and blue.


M2 / Love the look of the road and the two perspectives. Almost like an upside down world. Sense of landscape and journey created by the road above, but the brush strokes are what draw me to it the most. The organic flow of paint upwards to the disappearing road work well and due to the translucency of the brush strokes, they don’t hide or distract the viewer from the landscape beneath.


M5 / I like the different shades of blue that appear in the monotype paint, no other distraction. The scrape through the middle of the paint reveals the brickwork below and a hint at one of my personal mountains included in the landscape. There is not much texture in the paint although it works well accompanying the brush strokes that have been scraped north east.


M9 / The fade of the two landscapes that have been put together are still the focal point of the collage because of the contrast between the lightness of the sky and the darkness of the tree silhouette. The fade of the purple tint at the top of the collage works well with the light blue brush strokes to the right of the collage. The translucency of brush strokes work well and the hint of purple brush strokes over the dark background just below and left of the tree, juxtapose the tree/ sky. The blue swipe of paint covering the red textured paint to the left of the painting works well as it creates movement and depth within the collage. Almost like waves?


M10 / I like the look of the collage escaping it’s canvas created by the rocks on the left. The subtle fade in colour in the brush strokes and the inclusion of red highlights the red textured paint and works well with the predominantly blue and green pastel base. Again, the translucency of the brush marks hints at the depth in the landscape created in between the rocks and plays with the perspective. The original black monotype paint on the pale lilac article image works well and through the vertical lines creates height and depth to the piece. The dark blue peeking through the brush marks between the rocks shows enough of my personal mountains to indicate it’s presence but not enough to overpower the focus of the collage.


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